Network Enhancements to Increase Bandwidth Will Begin March 27

South Central Communications will soon be starting a series of network immprovements that will significantly increase internet bandwidth and connection speeds in the Beaver, Utah area. We also wants customers to be aware that work to enhance the network will cause some temporary interruptions to existing service.
SCC is investing millions of dollars to build out an enhanced fiber-optic network for customers. This new network will deliver 1 Gigabit per second speeds that will handle the ever-expanding bandwidth needs of our customers and communities.
By the year 2021, experts expect there will be 13 networked devices and connections per person in North America. As customers continue to add devices to their home and consume increasing amounts of video, fiber-optics and 1 Gig speeds will allow us to stay ahead of the bandwidth curve and provide an even more reliable, industry-leading customer experience.
Preliminary work to increase network bandwidth in Beaver will begin the week of March 27, 2018 and is expected to be completed in May of 2018. During this time, SCC technicians will need to momentarily take down network traffic at various times to perform required upgrades.
In order to keep interruptions and customer impact minimal, we will be staging the upgrade process in isolated groups. Each day, only a small portion of current customers will experience any service interruptions. These temporary interruptions may take place at various times throughout the day, but all work is expected to be completed before peak usage hours begin in the afternoon.
New Internet packages – including 1 Gig – will be announced when the work to increase bandwidth is close to being finished.
Please contact South Central with any questions about the upcoming bandwidth improvements.