I want to express my thanks to everyone at South Central Communications, especially Alan in Customer Service, Duncan the Outside Plant Manager, and Scott who set everything up at our house. They have braved storms, wild fires, swarms of wasps, and brutal heat to bring Internet service many miles up Johnson Canyon to our new home. Now, the fun begins!

Robert Krampf, The Happy Scientist

We recently switched from our wireless Internet to South Central’s new Fiber Internet and love it. The kids can watch Netflix while I am on Facebook. We wouldn’t go back.

Wendy Johnson

South Central is GREAT. Our building has 5 different entities who provide us with our complicated tel-com needs. Policy reasons prevent us from letting SCC do it all for us, but I wish they could. Of the 5 entities, South Central is the most attentive and helpful. Chris, Gwen, and Shiloh are excellent in particular. It took them a mere 3 minutes to fix a phone problem. “We have a guy in the area who will be right over!” And they weren’t kidding! Heck, our local fire department can’t even beat that response time! Thanks SCC!

Kevin Poe

We work all the time with south central, they are quick to answer the phones, knowledgeable and go out of there way all the time to help customers. Highly recommend them

Trevor Bradford

We live 18 miles out of town and get GREAT internet service. We used to get satellite service and it was so slow. No problem at all with South Central.

Penny Keller

I have had both TKS and South Central. South Central is far better. It’s a cable connection that isn’t affected by weather. It is guaranteed at a certain speed you buy.

Mark Berg

I live in rural Utah and have 1Gig fiber internet, are you kidding me!? What an awesome company!


Changed from Blue Sky to South Central, what an upgrade. Saved me money too and got five times the speed on my internet. No more being held for ransom because there was no one else.

Rocky Teel

I like this Fiber Internet. Enjoying faster internet at home. I’ve been thinking of doing this for awhile. Glad I finally made the switch.

Paul Wolden

I’ve had South Central for years and the phone always works; I wish I could say the same for my cell phone. If I ever have the slightest problem, my local technician runs right down and fixes me up.

Robert Owens

We signed up with High Speed Internet last November and couldn’t be happier! It is so fast and we never have problems. I would recommend it to anyone.

Tammy Garduno

I telecommute to work from my home office to my company in California. I require lots of bandwidth and a stable, reliable connection. I have been pleasantly surprised that I can get this level of quality Internet where I live. I would recommend it to anybody.

Brian Edwards

I have been a South Central phone customer for 18 years and they have always been a great company to work with. They have great customer service, and always give back to the community the way a CO-OP should.

Bill Johnson

I just love the great people that I deal with when I do business with South Central. They really care about my problems and are so helpful. You just don’t seem to get that kind of customer service anymore these days.

Gwen Benson

We love South Central’s TV. It’s simple to use, there isn’t a contract, which is great for our situation, and we get the channels we actually watch and it doesn’t break the bank.

Matt Robertson

South Central is awesome! I just had my cable hooked up – great prices and incredible service.

Karyn Miller