South Central Communications (SCC) is announcing that it’s high-speed (fiber optic) network has finally arrived in Page. Slow internet connections are now a thing of the past with new speeds up to 1GB making Page an official “GIG City”!

What can Page residents expect with their new 1GB high speed Internet?

According to Michael East, CEO of SCC, “Bringing this fiber technology to Page’s community is incredibly expensive and time-consuming, but the investment is well worth the effort. Countless man hours, dollars and miles of construction have gone into this project, providing Page with the fastest, safest, most reliable network available.”

Now Page residents can expect to:

  • Download movies in seconds
  • Connect and navigate websites effortlessly
  • Use multiple devices (smart phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, smartwatches) at the same time without buffering and stalling
  • Email, Skype, Facetime, and Facebook in real time without delays
  • Research information, get directions and so much more!

“You may have noticed a recent boost in your internet speed. That’s because SCC has turned up the bandwidth for a limited trial period (until April 1, 2017) allowing Page residents to experience (at no additional cost) the benefits of the new network” said East. “Page is one of a few select rural communities across the country to have this type of network available at this price. Significant efforts have gone into making this possible and we are grateful for every partner and contributor.”

Sign up now and save!  Page residents who sign up before April 1, 2017 may lock in their current rate through September – that’s 5-month’s of savings!

Once customers select from the 5M or 1GB speed options, they’ll need to make sure their devices are capable of handling their upgrade. Older computers, smart phones, tablets and modems may need to be updated for optimal 1GB internet performance. SCC’s friendly technicians will test your devices upon installation for connectivity issues and hot spots (poor reception areas in your home) and provide you with easy, helpful solutions. If you have concerns about your devices, SCC’s internet support team is available to answer your questions. Once connected, you’ll enjoy light-speed performance from every device on your premises (laptops, smart phones, tablets, desktops, smart watches and more).

South Central Communications is excited to be Page’s partner in bringing this state-of-the-art technology to its community. Call or visit SCC’s website to get signed up now and start saving—1-888-826-4211/online at