Each year, South Central Communications hires hard working Interns to shadow under the guidance and supervision of our employees. By providing a rich learning environment we can send the message to students that learning, and earning are fundamentally related. Our goal is to help promote interest in our industry in hopes that one day these students will come back and become future employees.     

Before our Interns headed out on new adventures, we asked them to share a little about their experiences this summer at SCC: 

“I learned some new programs on the computer, a lot about telecommunications and the equipment SCC uses in the field. It was a good experience to watch and be part of a working office.”
Camri Fischer
Engineering Department Intern 

“I learned about phone lines and fiber. I hope it helps get my foot in the door at SCC.”
Wesley Jensen
I&R Maintenance Crew Intern 

“I enjoyed the work atmosphere and how everyone is willing to help better the customer experience with South Central.”
Zoee Torgerson
I&R Department Intern 

“I liked working with SCC so much that I applied for a second year. I plan on going into the aviation field. But it’s nice to have this experience from South Central, so I can get into colleges and maybe consider a field in electronics.”
Sam Orton
I&R Department Intern 

We hope that all our Interns had a positive experience and we wish them the very best in all their future endeavors. If you’re a high school student, we’d encourage you to consider an internship at SCC. We look forward to discussing how an SCC Internship can help you gain valuable work experience in the technology and telecommunications industry.