South Central believes that by giving our youth an early introduction to technology and STEM learning opportunities, we can give them a leg up on their future. We’re providing free access to the full selection of courses offered by TeamTreehouse to qualifying Middle School students throughout our serving area.


  • The program is completely free to applicants. We simply require that students maintain active participation in the program.
  • The SCC Online Coding Classroom is designed and recommended for students at a 6th grade level and up, however, younger students may be considered.
  • The courses are administered by TeamTreehouse. You can preview courses and learn more about their program on their website:
  • Students enrolled in the SCC Online Coding Classroom must reside with a parent or guardian living within the South Central Communications serving area and parent/guardian must be a member of SCC.
  • Access to the program is provided on a first-come, first-serve basis. The number of free accounts are limited.
  • By completing the form below, parents agree to this Parental Support Statement during the tenure of each student’s participation: I understand that participation in the SCC Online Coding Program is a privilege that my child earns simply through their continued participation. I will support, remind, and encourage them to complete as many courses as they desire. I understand minimum levels of participation must be met to in order to maintain this free access.

To apply for entry into the SCC Online Coding Classroom program, please fill out the interest form below.

Coding Classroom Signup

  • Address where you currently have SCC service.