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Ultimate WiFi

Our expert techs have your security and experience in mind. Let’s walk you through the setup.

Step 1: Download the CommandIQ™ app to control your WiFi.

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Why Is a Speed Test Not Showing the Speed I Pay For?2020-10-20T11:22:41-05:00

Because there are number of factors that can affect speeds to an individual device, in order to test your connection speed, it’s best to run a test from your modem/router that’s directly connected to the Internet coming into your home. Simply use the Bandwidth Test within the CommandIQ app to start a test from your Internet equipment.

Why Are My Internet Speed Tests Slower On WiFi?2020-10-20T11:21:10-05:00

Your testing speeds over Wi-Fi are impacted by many things, consider the following:

  • What is the maximum speed the device you’re using will support? If you’re using a Gig Internet connection, most mobile devices are not capable of achieving 1000 Mbps over WiFi with today’s wireless technology.
  • Is there a chance you have a virus or malware on your device?
  • Do you have other applications running on your device when you’re running the speed test?
  • How far are you from the wireless signal? Do you have a good signal?

All of these things may cause slower speed tests results over Wi-Fi.

Can I Have More Than One CommandIQ Login?2020-10-20T10:58:41-05:00

While the CommandIQ App can be installed on multiple devices, only one person can be logged into CommandIQ at a time to avoid any setting conflicts. For example – permissions or scheduling. Best practice is to have a shared login for parents, so they cannot issue contradictory instructions at the same time, but can both login as needed to adjust any settings.

For further support with your system, contact the SC Broadband Technical Support Team
For further support with your system, contact the SC Broadband Technical Support Team