We’ve received several reports from customers who have received scam calls from an individual who identifies as a South Central Communications employee. This scammer asks various questions about the customer’s Long Distance service. They often begin with a question like, “why haven’t you filled out the form we sent?” When asked for their name or a call back number, the scammer hangs up. Obviously, this person or persons does not represent SCC and is trying to extract personal or payment information from you.

If you receive a call from an SCC employee, they will always identify themselves and provide a call back number when requested. Also, SCC employees will never ask for sensitive information like social security numbers or bank information unprompted. If you’re ever unsure if a call is legitimate, you can always request to call us back at 888-826-4211. That way you can be sure you’re talking to a true SCC representative.

If you receive a call like this, hang up and do not provide them with any information. If you’re able to, please record any identifying information about the call, like the calling number and time of day, and please report the scam call to us. That data will help greatly with any investigation.

Stay safe and always use caution when giving out or verifying personal or financial information over the phone.