South Central Communications had the pleasure to hire 10 hard-working interns this past summer from all over our service area. The SCC Internship program provides valubale work experience for our local students, as they get the opportunity to work side-by-side with SCC team members. A big thank to each of our interns, as each local student was an outstanding addition to South Central. We’re positive this group will go on to do to great things and wish them best in all their future endeavors.

We also wants to recognize Tyler Chappel from Lyman and Trevor Wolfley from Panguitch. Both are currently serving on an LDS Mission and were unavailable to provide a photo or feedback for this article. We wish them safe travels and are confident they’ll make their community proud.

Read more about each intern’s experience below.

Jaxton Breinholt
Install & Repair Intern, Panguitch

“The internship at South Central gave me the opportunity to learn how to splice and install fiber, program DSL modems and Gigacenters, locate cable, fix troubles, and also dig in a few drops this summer. I liked this job and enjoyed working with the people at South Central.”

Cameron Cowan
Warehouse Intern, Tropic

”I decided to intern at the Tropic warehouse with South Central because of the different work experience. I learned how to identify the different kinds of fiber optic cables also how to strap down the reels of cable. I like that I am always learning about fiber optic cables and the different parts that we shipped out and received. I would really like to work here again next year because I like the work environment and the people that I work with.”

Alyssa Fischer
Engineering Intern, Panguitch

”A few different reasons I applied for an internship at South Central: wanting something different, something that was close to the hours I would be attending school and the pay. From working in the engineering/drafting department at South Central I learned a little bit about mapping and some about the new FTTH project, also how to interact in an office setting. My favorite thing about going to work was the people I worked with. My future plans include moving to Saint George and attending Taylor Andrews Hair Academy.”

Jaylon Gardner
Install & Repair Intern, Enterprise

”The reason I chose to work for South Central was to try something new and get some more experience that I can use later in life. I learned a lot from this internship, I learned about how the communication works works and how we transport data from place to place and how fiber works. My favorite thing about working in the job is definitely the people. From the day I first started to the day I will be ending, everyone in the company has just impressively been super kind and willing to me feel good about being here. And the friendships I have made here will last for a lifetime. My plans for the future will be first to serve a LDS mission, and after that to be honest, is kind of blurry. I’d like to for sure go to college and get a good education. I would like to give a big thank you to South Central and everyone who has given me the chance to have a very positive experience working here.”

Logan Marshall
Install & Repair Intern, Milford

”The internship I was a part of at SCC taught me to have patience, not only when splicing wires, but also when customers are having service issues. If you don’t have a calm head and work hard, then you won’t get anywhere in life.”

Kobe Nelson
Install & Repair Intern, Escalante

”I chose to be an intern for the opportunity to learn what the communications business is. My experience being an intern was very fun. I learned about old and new phone systems and how different they are. I learned how to install the new fiber to the home equipment and how great it really is. The tools needed to trouble shoot and repair fiber and copper lines. I gained the knowledge of how to work with the wireless technology and all the different things that can effect it. My favorite part of being an intern was meeting our customers and getting to know the people in my community that I normally wouldn’t have, and having the opportunity to help them. It was defiantly worth the learning experience.”

Samuel Orton
Install & Repair Intern, Kanab

”I chose to intern at SCC because of good money and thought it would be good traits to learn. I learned all the aspects of the Internet and getting installs done. I’m not sure what I want to do yet, but it’s nice to have some experience in the Internet world. So if I choose to go into it as my profession, I’ll have a good understanding.”

Benjamin Rose
Warehouse Intern, Tropic

”I decided to work as the intern at the Tropic South Central warehouse again this year because I enjoyed last year as the intern and I knew it would look good on a resume and lead to more jobs and opportunities. While working here I learned a lot, like the names of the supplies used in the fiber installation process. I thought learning the names was fun. However, my favorite thing about the job was the people I worked with. Damon, WaLon, Shilo, and Cameron. They know how to work hard but also enjoy a good laugh. My plans for the future are to get an apprenticeship and become an electrician and eventually start my own business.”