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Fiber availability schedule

  • Phase 1 - 4: Available now!
  • Phase 5 & 6: Available now!
  • Phase 7 - 9: Available now!
  • Phase 10 & 11: Available now!

Upgrade your package to one gigabit speed.

We're excited about our fiber optic service, and for a limited time, we're offering two free months of our gigabit service to customers who have the new fiber optic service installed. Restricitons apply, call for details.

How will Fiber change YOUR online experience?

With speeds up to 200 times faster than standard DSL, you'll experience accelerated multi-device connectivity, lag-free enjoyment of streaming content, instantaneous downloads and so much more!

HD Video Streaming without Buffering

Are you tired of long load times and buffering while you're watching your favorite movies online? With 1 Gbps Fiber Internet, you can beautiful HD quality video without the buffering.

Crystal Clear Video Chatting

Visit with friends & family online over video chat and don't miss a moment. Experience vivid picture and clear sound without stuttering or pixelation.

Instantaneous Downloads

Download videos, music, pictures, and games in an instant! With 1 Gbps Fiber Internet, you could download an HD movie in only 7 seconds! Compare that to 21 minutes on a 5 Mbps connection.

Lag Free Gaming

Take your gaming to the next level with superior Internet connectivity. Never again will you have to worry about annoying lag throwing off your game. 1 Gbps download with 10 Mbps upload means you can host games with ease.

Hardware & Installation Requirements

Connecting to South Central Fiber is a breeze! We'll run a fiber optic cable to your home and connect it to a high speed wireless router. The router will allow you to connect all of your wireless devices such as laptops, tablets, phones, and smart tv

  1. Calix GigaCenter Router

    The Calix GigaCenter router offers unprecedented Wi-Fi coverage by utilizing the latest wireless technology. It has been engineered for optimal whole-home coverage with simultaneous dual-band 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz operation and dynamic beamforming at 5 GHz.
  2. Installation

    Installation will be done in two stages; first an underground cable will be bored under your yard. In most instances, customers won't notice a thing has been done. Following underground work, the interior wiring will need to be installed. Our technician will come into your home and install the router and interior fiber network. It's really very simple, and thanks to new technology, the fiber is virtually invisible! Please allow three hours for installation.

Plans for every need

Upgrade to blazing fast 1 Gbps at an affordable rate, or stick with your current service plan. South Central customers who are on one of our 5, 15, or 50 Mbps DSL service plans can opt to keep their current package on the new fiber optic cable without addtional charges. Installation is free and you'll enjoy the benefit of fiber optics' faster, more stable platform.

Fiber 15$54.95

  • 15 Mbps Download
  • 1 Mbps Upload
  • $1.50 Phone Line
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Bundle services and save more
  • Bundle Price: $79.95

Fiber 50$64.95

  • 50 Mbps Download
  • 3 Mbps Upload
  • $1.50 Phone Line
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Bundle services and save more
  • Bundle Price: $84.95

Fiber 1 Gig$89.95

  • 1 Gbps (1,000 Mbps) Download
  • 10 Mbps Upload
  • $1.50 Phone Line
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Bundle services and save more
  • Bundle Price: $109.95

Frequently Asked Questions

About Fiber Optic Cable

What is Fiber Optic Cable?

Fiber is the future of communications technology. Fiber Optic cable contains strands of Optically pure glass, thinner than a human hair, which carry digital information over long distances. Digital signals are sent as pulses of light down the glass Fibers, without interference or limitation. This digital transport system is faster, clearer, more reliable, and will give you the bandwidth to access the digital communications services of the future, and today's IP-based broadband apps such as digital streaming TV , VOIP, video conferencing, home security systems, remote appliance management, and residential Internet speeds up to 1,000 Mbps.

Why is Fiber Optic cable better than copper?

There are several benefits of Fiber Optic cable over traditional copper wires.

BANDWIDTH: Fiber Optic cable offers greater bandwidth, that means the cable can carry more data and offers you a more reliable connection.

SPEED & DISTANCE: Copper cables carry data by electrical current, the longer the cable, the more resistance, the more resistance, the slower your speeds. Because Fiber Optic data is carried by light, there is very little signal loss during transmission, which translates to faster speeds no matter how far away you are from the source.

SECURITY: Copper cable is susceptible to cable tapping. Your data is safe with Fiber cable. It doesn't radiate signals and is extremely difficult to tap. If the cable is tapped, it's very easy to monitor because the cable leaks light, causing the entire system to fail. If an attempt is made to break the physical security of your Fiber system, you'll know it.

IMMUNITY & RELIABILITY: Fiber provides extremely reliable data transmission. It's completely immune to many environmental factors that affect copper cable. The core is made of glass, which is an insulator, so no electric current can flow through. It's immune to electromagnetic interference and radio-frequency interference (EMI/RFI), crosstalk, impedance problems, and more. You can run Fiber cable next to industrial equipment without worry. Fiber is also less susceptible to temperature fluctuations than copper and can be submerged in water.

PRIVATE CONNECTION: No other homes or businesses run off of the same line as you, as such, your connection is private.

What are the benefits of Fiber Optic Internet service?

Fiber Optic Internet offers connection speeds up to 1 Gbps. That's 200 times faster than our top speed DSL Internet connection. With faster speeds, you'll be able to enjoy instantaneous downloads, crystal-clear video chatting, streaming video service without buffering, gaming without lag, and be able to connect multiple devices without seeing a drop in speed. And, because Fiber Optic cable is so much more secure and less susceptible to environmental factors, you'll experience nearly zero down time and less maintenance.

How fast is Fiber Optic Internet?

The speed of your connection depends on the speed you choose. If you wish to stay with your current connection speed, you will not see an increase. However, you may choose to upgrade to our 1 Gbps (1,000 Mbps) Internet plan which is 200 times faster than our 50 Mbps plan. As a speed comparison, it takes approximately 2 minutes to download an HD movie with a 50 Mbps connection. With 1 Gbps, you can download that same movie in only 7 seconds!

About Fiber Optic Installation

When will Fiber Optic cable be installed to my home/neighborhood?

We are installing Fiber Optic cable in phases. When we reach your phase, we will be going street-by-street, home-by-home, to install cable. You will be contacted by our construction team to schedule your drop (outside installation) and then by our dispatch department to schedule your inside installation.

How is Fiber Optic cable installed?

Fiber Optic cable is installed in three basic phases. First, the main Fiber Optic distribution cable is installed. This is the larger cable that connects to our central office to provide service. Next, a drop is installed to your home. This means running a conduit from the main line to your home. A smaller, dedicated Fiber Optic cable is installed through the conduit up to a box on the outside of your home. Finally, the Fiber Optic cable is connected inside your home to a Fiber Optic wall jack, which then connects to the Gigacenter. The Gigacenter acts as the ONT (Optical Network Terminal) (to translate the signal in to data) and your router (which allows you to share your connection with multiple devices, both wired and wireless).

How long does installation take?

Generally, a full day is needed for the installation of your drop. After, the drop is installed, you can expect a wait of about 2 weeks to begin the inside installation. Inside installation takes approximately 3 hours. All installation times are approximate and may vary by the specific conditions of your home.

Will installation disturb my yard?

We will be required to dig across your yard to bury a new Fiber line to your home but we use a small trencher that will cause minimal disturbance to your yard. If your home has concrete or other surface impediments, we are able to bore under them without disrupting the surface. . Our goal is to treat your property as if it were our own. We will be always strive to promptly restore your property to a condition as close to original as possible. Our construction team will meet with you to discuss the specific installation requirements for your home.

Where, inside my home, will the Fiber Optic cable be installed?

We will attempt to install the Fiber Optic drop and outside box as close to your existing telephone box as possible. We will then meet with you to discuss the installation of your inside wiring. We will do our very best to install the connection where you want it. Inside wiring could be installed by running the Fiber Optic cable inside the wall to a jack in the wall; or it may involve running a very small wire (about the size of a fishing line) on the outside of your wall, along the trim, to a surface mounted jack. We will then connect the Gigacenter to the wall jack. The Gigacenter will then provide your home with wired and wireless Internet. If you have a datacenter or media closet in your home, the Gigacenter will be installed there.

If I upgrade to Fiber Optic Internet, will I need to purchase new equipment?

No. Fiber Optic Internet requires an ONT to function. As such, a Gigacenter will be installed with every Fiber Optic connection. The Gigacenter will be owned by South Central Communications. In the event that you cancel your service, you will be responsible for returning the Gigacenter to our office or you will be required to pay the cost of the Gigacenter.

How much will the installation cost?


If you are an existing FiBERlink customer, you can try the 1 Gbps speed at your current rate for 2 months. Unless you call to cancel the speed upgrade, you will be kept at the 1 Gbps speed and be charged the 1 Gbps rate after the trial period ends. If you are an existing Xpress Wireless customer and are upgrading to Fiber, you can try the 1 Gbps speed at your current rate for 2 months. Unless you call to cancel the speed upgrade, you will be kept at the 1 Gbps speed and be charged the 1 Gbps rate after the trial period ends. If you are a new subscriber to South Central Communications Internet, you will be subject to our standard activation fees on new accounts.

Do I have to sign up for Fiber Optic Internet service to receive the Fiber Optic cable installation?

If you wish to have a drop installed to your home, but not Fiber Optic Internet service, we will run the conduit to your home and cap it. When you decide in the future to obtain Fiber Optic Internet service, we will install the cable and complete the inside installation at that time.

What if I decide against having the Fiber Optic installation?

If you choose not to have a drop installed to your home at this time, we will simply bypass your home. If, however, you would like an installation in the future, you may have to wait up to a month for a drop. Having the drop installed now, even without service, means you can have Fiber Optic installed in days, rather than weeks, in the future. It is our plan to move Kanab to a 100% Fiber Optic network. This means that the copper wiring will eventually be phased out. Because of this, we will no longer be making upgrades to our copper DSL equipment. If there is an issue with your DSL service in the future, minimal maintenance will be completed to correct any issues.

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