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South Central Communications Special Circuits & Enterprise Internet Solutions

South Central is leading the way in Southern Utah's emerging Broadband and Communication technologies.

Whether you are looking to seamlessly support a large number of users, connect several offices together, or access the Internet quickly and reliably, South Central's Ethernet Service offers the high level of performance and consistency you need.

Get superior Internet connectivity with dedicated Internet bandwidth that is the same for both uploads and downloads. If delivered over an Ethernet connection, we enable your business to quickly and easily scale your connection speeds from 5Mbps to 10Gbps.

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Ethernet Transport

More and more carriers and businesses are migrating their networks to Ethernet. Partner with South Central and you will be assured of getting the kind of Ethernet that makes your network more scalable and easier to manage. You benefit with the use of Ethernet as a wide area transport technology in terms of both economics and simplicity.

Ethernet has become the accepted LAN technology standard for enterprises. With South Central's Ethernet transport, you can transparently connect business locations via native Ethernet. Our Ethernet Service connects your business locations with the simplicity and flexibility of Ethernet, while providing the resiliency and reliability of SONET.

Fast - Bandwidth speeds range from 5Mbps to 10Gbps (10,000Mbps).

Simple - You connect with a standard Ethernet interface. The same connections you deploy in your LAN environment can now extend between locations. South Central's Ethernet Service is transparent to your protocol, so your locations appear as if they were part of the same network.

Flexible - South Central offers scalability to increase your bandwidth over the same interface. Speed upgrades are done quickly - without multiple service visits or customer equipment changes.

Reliable - South Central Ethernet is deployed over Ethernet/SONET infrastructure. Diversely routed optical connections are self-healing and provide the resiliency and security required for your most mission critical applications.

Dedicated Internet

Whether your business requires Web access, conducts e-commerce, exchanges large files or enables employees access to your network through a Virtual Private Network, South Central's Dedicated Internet provides a higher standard of connectivity to meet your needs.

Scalable - Easily upgrade bandwidth speeds as your business needs change without installing new circuits, effectively future-proofing your business from costly upgrades later.

Dedicated Speed - Bandwidth speeds range from 5Mbps to 10Gbps.

Cost Savings - We provide higher speed access at lower cost-per-Mbps than a dedicated T1.

Symmetrical Connections - Enjoy the same Upload and Download speeds on a consistent basis.

Reliable - South Central Communications obtains Internet from multiple tier 1 providers, delivered via geographically diverse network routes.

Fiber Availability

South Central's Fiber Network

South Central Communications offers what no other telecom can offer in the State of Utah: A fully redundant, geographically diverse fiber route from the Salt Lake City Metro Area to St. George area and the Tonaquint Data Center. Our vast fiber optic network covers the majority of the cities and towns in Southern Utah. Please call a representative today for a customer quote for your business.

Western FiberNet

South Central Communications is a member of Western FiberNet; which is a consortium of 5 independent Utah Telecommunications providers. WFN offers connectivity to Utah's most congested and fastest growing regions as well as many rural areas. Indeed, with our WFN partners, we can connect your business almost anywhere in the state!

Indatel Group

Do you need long haul Ethernet services? As a member of the Indatel Group, South Central Communications can connect your business via SONET routes across the Country.

South Central Communications is the Internet service provider for:

Alton, Angle, Antimony, Apple Valley, Beaver, Beryl, Bicknell, Boulder, Brian Head, Bryce Canyon, Burrville, Cane Beds, Canonville, Centennial Park, Circleville, Colorado City, Duck Creek, East Zion, Enoch, Enterprise, Escalante, Fish Lake, Fredonia, Fremont, Glendale, Gooseberry Mesa, Greenwich, Grover, Hatch, Henrieville , Hildale, Jacob Lake, Junction, Kaibab Band of Paiutes, Kanab, Kingston, Koosharem, Loa, Lyman, Marysvale, Milford, Minersville, Modena, Mt. Carmel, Newcastle, Orderville, Page, AZ, Panguitch, Paragonah , Parowan, Teasdale, Torrey, Tropic

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